Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Bob Dylan - Down In The Flood (1971)

It seems I'm not the only one with fond memories of Album Fixer's site, and the good news is that I've managed to access some of the pages using the Cache option on Google, so I've been able to put together an updated 320 version of his take on Bob Dylan's 'Down In The Flood'.
The premise of this one was that 1971's 'Greatest Hits Vol. 2' wasn't really a greatest hits package at all, but a collection of songs recorded in 1971, along with some live versions of older songs. Dylan's idea might have been to release some older songs that hadn't appeared yet, alongside some new versions of older songs, and some that he'd only just written, but the record company weren't keen with what he offered and so we ended up with GHV2.
This version of the album contains a mixture of old songs, new songs and some live tracks, recorded from his surprise appearance at George Harrison's Concert For Bangladesh, playing new arrangements of his songs on just guitar and harmonica, and from the New Years Eve concerts where he joined The Band for a raucous run through of some of his hits. 
'Song For Woody' is a jam with George Harrison, 'George Jackson' was a single about the activist, who had just died, 'Tomorrow Is A Long Time' is an out-take from the 'New Morning' sessions, and 'If Not For You' is a rehearsal for the Bangladesh concert with George Harrison. The rest are rare and alternate versions of more well-known songs.

Track listing

01 When I Paint My Masterpiece
02 Watching the River Flow
03 Wallflower 
04 Down In The Flood 
05 Song To Woody 
06 You Ain't Goin' Nowhere 
07 Tomorrow Is A Long Time 
08 George Jackson 
09 Only A Hobo
10 I Shall Be Released
11 If Not for You 
12 A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall 
13 It Takes A Lot to Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry 
14 Blowin' In The Wind 
15 Mr. Tambourine Man
16 Just Like A Woman
17 Down In The Flood 
18 When I Paint My Masterpiece
19 Don't Ya Tell Henry
20 Like A Rolling Stone 

If Album Fixer didn't make a cover for his albums I sometimes use to make one and post it on his site. This was one of my first efforts with Microsoft Paint and I always thought it came out rather well. 

For anyone who had download CSNY's 'War Songs' I've just found a much better version of 'Soldier', so the link has now been updated.


Monday, 16 April 2018

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - War Songs (1972)

With the sad demise of Album Fixer's site we've lost a massive library of great imagined and reconstructed albums. He always put a lot of work into the concepts and sequencing of his posts, and although he didn't include links to the albums, part of the fun was tracking down the songs and compiling them yourself. In doing this I've always found the Russian site http://musicmp3spb.org invaluable, as it has a database of literally millions of albums, and they are split out into album tracks, so that you can download a song at a time if that's all you need. It's great not to have to download a whole album just to get one song, and so this one was relatively easy to put together.
The story behind the album is that in May 1972 Neil Young called up Graham Nash and asked him to come over and sing on a new song he'd written called 'War Song', which was written to support George McGovern's anti-Vietnam War presidential campaign. It didn't help as McGovern lost in a landslide defeat, but the premise was - what if Young and Nash had called in Crosby and Stills to record some more protest/political songs for an album named after the single.
CSNY have always had a lot to say for themselves, so it's not beyond the realms of possibility that this could have happened, and this is what it could have sounded like.

 Track listing

01 Immigration Man 
02 Johnny's Garden 
03 War Song 
04 Games 
05 Military Madness 
06 Where Will I Be?
07 Change Partners 
08 Chicago/We Can Change The World 
09 Page 43 
10 Stranger's Room 
11 Soldier
12 Sugar Babe
13 Southbound Train 

In memory of Album Fixer I might post a few more of his reconstructions later, with links to my attempts to compile them. Bob Dylan's 'Down In The Flood' was one of his better efforts, and also one of mine in doing the cover, so I might do that one next, although as I can't now remember where all the tracks came from it will have to be my old file in 128.


Saturday, 14 April 2018

Updated links

I've recompiled a lot of the early, lower bitrated posts using higher quality sources, and all links have now been updated in 320. The only ones that I can't do are Yes's 'Works', The Grateful Dead's 'Days Between' and Neil Young's 'Homegrown', as they all involved a lot of editing which I probably won't be able to reproduce, so they will have to stay in 128 for the moment.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

The Stranglers - Nice Numbers 'n' Sleazy Songs (1981)

The Stranglers were always the outsiders of the original punk movement - they were much older than all the other bands, and could actually play their instruments, and that included a keyboard player with a moustache!. Another thing which stood them apart was the amount of material they produced, so it's no surprise to find that they released a lot of non-album singles and b-sides. Enough, in fact, to put together a nice compilation of songs which never made it to album. It's a telling point that two of my favourites of theirs - 'Walk On By' and 'Five Minutes' - were never considered as album material, even though they would have enhanced any record they appeared on.

Track listing

01 Straighten Out (b-side to 'Something Better Change' 1977)
02 Go Buddy Go (b-side to 'Peaches' 1977)
03 Shut Up (b-side to 'Nice 'n' Sleazy' 1978)
04 Walk On By (free 7" with 'Black And White')
05 Mean To Me (b-side to 'Walk On By')
06 Tits (b-side to 'Walk On By')
07 Old Codger (b-side to commercial release of 'Walk On By')
08 Sverige (Jag Ar Insnoad Pa Ostfronten) ('Sweden' in Swedish 7" single 1978)
09 Five Minutes (7" single 1978)
10 Rok It To The Moon (b-side to 'Five Minutes')
11 Yellowcake UF6 (b-side to 'Nuclear Device' 1979)
12 Fools Rush Out (b-side to 'Duchess' 1979)
13 Tomorrow Was The Hereafter (7" single 1980)
14 Bear Cage (7" single 1980)
15 Choosey Susie (b-side to 'Peasant In The Big Shitty' 1980)
16 Top Secret (b-side to 'Thrown Away' 1981)
17 Maninwhite (b-side to 'Just Like Nothing On Earth' 1981) 


Bob Dylan & The Band - The Genuine Basement Tapes (1967)

I put this one together back in 2013, and so recent 'Bootleg Series' releases might have made it a bit redundant, but it was one of my very first efforts, so I've decided to post it anyway. My original notes are below.
I was listening to the excellent Radio 4 documentary on Bootlegs recently, and as I was listening to stories about Dylan's Great White Wonder I got to thinking if there was still a rip of it around anywhere so that I could hear it. Well, the short answer is no, there isn't. I found half of it, but the sound quality was atrocious, so I turned my attention to The Basement Tapes instead. Some investigation revealed that when they were officially released by CBS in 1975 they missed off a number of the best songs, so ever up for a challenge I decided to track them down. I managed to find all the missing tracks in pretty good sound quality, and with a little fading and patching, I don't think come out too bad.
So what we have here are The Original Basement Tapes, running in the order of the original bootleg, but in the best sound quality available. I have to say, speaking as someone who likes Dylan but is not mad on him, that this is currently my favourite of his albums, just for the fact that him and The Band seem to having so much fun singing these songs.

Track listing

01 Odds And Ends
02 Nothing Was Delivered
03 Get Your Rocks Off
04 Clothes Line Saga
05 Apple Suckling Tree
06 Goin' To Acapulco
07 Tears Of Rage
08 Quinn The Eskimo
09 Open The Door, Homer
10 I'm Not There
11 Million Dollar Bash
12 Yea! Heavy And A Bottle Of Bread
13 Please, Mrs. Henry
14 Crash On The Levee (Down In The Flood)
15 Lo And Behold!
16 Tiny Montgomery
17 This Wheel's On Fire
18 You Ain't Goin' Nowhere
19 I Shall Be Released
20 Too Much Of Nothin'
21 Silent Weekend
22 Sign On The Cross


Tuesday, 10 April 2018

The Damned - Neat Neat Neat (1978)

I've loved The Damned from day one, and 'New Rose' and 'Neat Neat Neat' are still two of my all-time favourite singles, but I realised recently that I'd never heard the their version of 'Help', which was the b-side of 'New Rose', or 'Singalonga-Scabies' from the 'Neat Neat Neat' 7", so I decided to gather them up, along with the rare 'Stretcher Case Baby' giveaway single, and the original issues of 'Don't Cry Wolf' and 'Problem Child'. To flesh out this compilation I've added a few tracks from their early Peel sessions.

Track listing

01 New Rose (original 7" version)
02 Help (b-side to 'New Rose')
03 Don't Cry Wolf (original 7" version)
04 One Way Love (b-side to 'Don't Cry Wolf')
05 Neat Neat Neat (original 7" version)
06 Stab Your Back (b-side to 'Neat Neat Neat')
07 Singalonga-Scabies (b-side to 'Neat Neat Neat')
08 Problem Child (original 7" version)
09 You Take My Money (b-side to 'Problem Child')
10 Stretcher Case Baby (giveaway 7")
11 Sick Of Being Sick (b-side to 'Stretcher Case Baby')
12 So Messed Up (Peel Session)
13 I Fall (Peel Session)
14 Fan Club (Peel Session)
15 Feel The Pain (Peel Session)


Sunday, 8 April 2018

The Faces - A Fifth Of The Faces (1975)

I've always thought that 'Pool Hall Richard' and 'You Can Make Me Dance...' were two of the best things that The Faces ever did, and if they had managed to complete an album while they were producing songs of that quality then it would have been their best ever. For a number of reasons - Ronnie Lane leaving, Stewart's solo career taking off, etc - the band broke up and so the album was not to be. Here we have all the tracks that they recorded before the split, as well as those two singles, and a couple of solo tracks from Stewart, Wood and Lane where the rest of the Faces helped them out. As this would have been their fifth album, and they were notoriously fond of a tipple, I've called it 'A Fifth Of The Faces'

Track listing

01 Pool Hall Richard
02 Open To Ideas
03 You Can Make Me Dance, Sing Or Anything
04 Rock Me
05 Bye & Bye (Gonna See The King)
06 Take A Look At The Guy
07 Gettin' Hungry
08 As Long As You Tell Him
09 Sailor
10 Mystifies Me
11 Dixie Toot